Monday, July 30, 2012

Fujifilm X Series Ergonomic Kits Shipping

 If there is one accessory which anyone who has used it knows makes a world of difference it is the hotshoe accessory which adds a thumb rest to the camera body - like the old days when we had a film advance lever there.

This accessory is available for most new (non DSLR) digital cameras and Fujifilm is no exception.  Beginning with the hot X100, the X-Pro1 and the X10 also have the thumbs up accessory made for them.

I love using my X10 with the soft release and thumb rest.  It changes the balance of the camera and puts new control into the way you hold the camera.

Check them out at a dealer near you.  Sold as a set.

Fujifilm X10 Ergonomic Extension Kit    # 600012083
Includes Thumbs Up Grip and Soft Shutter Release

600012332 X100 Black Ergonomic Kit 074101017519 $229.99
600012333 X100 Silver Ergonomic Kit 074101017526 $229.99

600012331 X-Pro1 Ergonomic Kit 074101017465 $179.99

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  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    One is coming for the X100 as well? Would you know when Brandon? And what the cost might be? Thanks

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    What do you know about a potential x20 at Photokina??

  3. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Amazon selling this kit for $130... way over priced!!

  4. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Absolutely stupid pricing on this. Margins on cheap metal like this are 90+%! Totally for gullible people.

  5. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Disappointing considering how much Olympus charges for their extended battery grip.


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