Monday, August 06, 2012

Weekly Email - 8-3-12 - Summer Street Scenes

Wandering the streets of Manhattan it's always amazing to see the variety of activity at night.

Walk through any neighborhood and even well after sunset you'll see people playing flag football, softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, kickball, tennis and many more sports under diesel powered lights.

Our appetite for running around like kids has no limits in the summer heat.

On the other hand nobody likes to see a soiled mattress lying around and with all the thoughts that surround it -  that it's always a bit disappointing to see on the street.  Luckily it does move out quickly and we are all thankful for that.

Mattress - Fujifilm X100 w 28mm lens adapter ISO 1250 F/2 @ 1/20th
Kickball - Canon 5DIII 24mm - ISO 500 F/3.5 @ 1/50th

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