Friday, August 17, 2012

Fujifilm X-Pro1 with Leica 21 & 35mm Lenses

Today I popped over to a local dealer and decided to try out two Leica lenses on the X-Pro1.  I had them to test for a couple hours around Madison Square Park.
I know that enough has been written about this combo so I'd like to briefly suggest a workflow for making photos with the lenses on the X-Pro1 with the Fujifilm M Mount adapter.

Once you attach the lens make sure you set the camera to manual focus.  This isn't mandatory for the lens - but to activate the focus magnifying feature which is essential if you are going to focus with the EVF which is how I used it.

Then push the menu activation button on the M adapter and the menu pops up to enter the focal length of M lens you are using.  I switched between 21 and 35 and it's quick and easy.

Don't get distracted by the Aperture saying 0.  

I would also suggest you shoot in Spot metering mode (salt as you like).

Take a few shots of a simple subject and decide if you need any lens adjustments.  Like vignetting or color cast.  These choices are included nicely in the lens menu screen activated by the M adapter.

I used the exp comp dial to do most of my bracketing while shooting jpegs on my quick walk.  I have to say it was fun to get back to manual focus for a short while, and I know I don't have to explain that to the lens owners out there.

Have fun with it and good shooting!

I focused on the girl with the burger in black shirt center

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  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Any thoughts on the resulting quality of the pictures when compared to fuji lenses? Considering the hefty price tag of leica lenses plus no autofocus, would you say its worth it? I dont own an xpro-1 yet but heard from happy owners that the fuji lenses are quite nice too, at a fraction of the cost plus autofocus. I mean is there really a noticable advantage that justify the cost and manual focus?

  2. Hello - I really didn't shoot this as a lens to lens analysis. There is enough of that on the web already with this combo. My goal was to see how seamless the lenses work on the X-Pro1 and share that experience. It seems to me the optics are great - yet I'm not into manual focus for daylight shooting. Sure it works for street grab shots - but that's not my thing too often. Right now I'd say the Fujfilm 35mm 1.4 is tough to beat for performance & price vs any other lens out there for the X-Pro1.

  3. Hi Brandon,

    I have an X Pro 1, and have used my Leica lenses, just with a cheap-o adapter, not the offical Fuji adapter. It also works fine. For me, the Fuji lenses have a great quality to them, but with street work, I preferred the manual/zone focusing of the Leica lenses, and the instantaneous shutter response. Just thought I'd add my 2c.


    1. Nate,

      If I buy a xpro, what would be my actual lens size if I mount my Leica 35mm to the fuji camera?

  4. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Hi Brandon

    Very nice an sharp pictures ! thanks for sharing. How did you find the latest firmware update regards to manual focus? It mentioned on paper the contrast would increase to improve manual focus workflow. How is that operate in real life ? - I am not a x-pro 1 owner and I wonder this method of focusing would compare with other cameras which enabled with 'peaking' or focus confirmation.

    Please could you share more of your thought about manual focusing with the offical fuji M adapter ?

  5. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Nice images! It looks like São Paulo.

  6. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Also with Leica lenses, you can try Leica bodies ! Even the M8 is a great camera !

  7. Anonymous12:10 PM

    blurb! try a agfa clack instead if you are still finding out what to do in life.


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