Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekly Email - 8-24-12 - Rebirth of a Film that Died

This week I thought the news in the photo industry was peeking when the Impossible Project announced they were introducing 8x10 peel-apart film.  Then later in the day Kodak topped that announcement.

The re-introduction of 8x10 film is a true commitment to the art of analog photography.  The experience of shooting film is such a different process than digital as we all know.  Shooting peel-apart instant film is a whole other level with an 8x10 camera.

Making the film by hand, the Impossible Project is providing customers with a unique experience in the field.  On the very same day Kodak announced it was looking into the sale of parts of its photo imaging unit which includes most paper and film.  The outcome is uncertain, but the posted announcement signaled another milepost in the struggling company's adjustment to the digital world. 

Some estimates of the decline of film sales in the past five years approaches 75%, to nobody's surprise.  It's refreshing to see some taking up the charge to re-invent products the market is demanding.

Below are two shots from the Impossible Project.  Their wall of old time instant cameras, as well as the look of one of their 8x10 images from the Lens Blog article.

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