Friday, September 07, 2012

New Fujifilm X-E1 Camera and Firmware 2.0 the X-Pro1

The two major announcements today showcase the fabulous X-series line-up Fujifilm is selling.
The full series is now comprised of all the X-series cameras shown here - 

The new X-E1 is a compact mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.  The X-E1 has the same sensor as the X-Pro1.  The 16mp X-Trans sensor has proven itself to be be one of the best in the world.  
The body is more compact and will appeal to photographers of all levels.
Notable improvement are the AF speed and the amazing EVF viewfinder.  The viewfinder image is alive and extremely crisp.  Having had a chance to use the camera I am thrilled to see the responsive AF speed.  An obvious improvement, the X-Pro1 gets a similar boost once the new firmware v 2.0 is released on Sept 18th.  The minimum focus distance is improved and I was able to see the  improvement in the X-Pro1 I used with the firmware 2.0 installed.  See my previous post for the full details on the X-Pro1 firmware.

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