Wednesday, February 05, 2014

NYC Slush Streets Jumping

With every decent snow in NYC comes the inevitable melt, leading to slush in the streets. 
On the way home today I came across a large puddle of slush in which everyone took a pause.  There is something foreboding about a large dark icy puddle where you just don't know what the next step will be like.
I had my Fujifilm XQ1 with me and shot 412 pics over a 50 mins period.  I was captivated by the actions of all the New Yorkers I saw.  Each took a different approach to the water.  Should I make a jump - tip toe - avoid - hope for the best???
The XQ1 is a great pocket camera with a large sensor.  Yes all those shots were on one battery in the cold.  More info on it can be found here:
Here are some of the local folks in action!
 I think this guy gave up - he prob has dry feet - but definitely wet pants.
Here is a graceful dismount after a puddle jump!

 This guy was definitely not dressed right for the day and now has wet socks and shoes.

 Mom crushes it with her baby!
 Not a good choice of shoes for the day!
 Kids play with the thought on how to cross.
 Debating the next step/

 Here's how you can make a few bucks - shuttle people with the wrong shoes over the mess!

 I was surprised how many people wore sneakers out for the day.  Now maybe they were going to the gym - but didn't all look like it. 

 Chivalry is alive and well - I think.
 Even a billionaire with cowboy boots has to turn back and walk down to the next block. 
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