Friday, April 24, 2009

This week had some highs and lows.  The temp swung about 30 degrees and thus I have 2 shots to share which show the differences in the weather.

One shot is a view in Central Park on a spring day.  So many folks to check out there.

The other is a moment where I stopped on Fifth Ave when I saw a lost glove on the ground.  I grabbed my camera turned it on and shot - and at that moment the woman walked by with what looks like a gold rolex daytona (knock-off), and the guy is just lifting his foot off the sidewalk.  One of those decisive moments surrounding the lost glove.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday!  We are finally cracking the 70 degree point today.  Should be a nice one!

With the warm weather the flowers and trees all are blooming.  The other day walking down Fifth Ave I noticed this magnolia highlighted against the dark building (with a little fill flash as well).

I shot this with my favorite Digital Velvia setting on the Fujifilm S100FS.
More shots on the FB page if you want to see the latest.

Friday, April 10, 2009

New York City is certainly a rich place for cultural events!  There is a never-ending choice of things to occupy the mind and body.

This week was the "World's Largest Pillow Fight".  It was held on Wall St - go figure huh.

The police were great sports and let it go for about an hour, and by then most were tuckered out or their pillows deflated.  If you'd like to see another 27 pix of so you can check my facebook page.  Gosh I didn't want to say that - but I guess i did.

Friday, April 03, 2009

A couple weeks ago I lamented about the "demise" of Polaroid with the table of old cameras picture.  Those days are almost history - but there is hope!

This week as I went down to the subway I snapped this Instax photo and thought I'd share a non-digital moment for the picture of the week.

The Instax 200 is Fujifilm's new instant film system.  Plenty of folks are loving it as the new 'roid rage.  All the fun of instant photography is still available!

Hope you have a good weekend!


web link for the product - fyi -

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