Fujifilm X100 SE Black with WCL-X100 and 49mm Super EBC filter
Fujifilm has announced a new wide angle conversion lens for the X100 premium compact camera.
Manufactured in Japan, the WCL-X100 is comprised of four premium glass elements in three groups, designed to keep aberration to a minimum and also includes Fujinon's unique Super EBC coating. 

The WCL-X100 converter attaches directly to the camera and increases the field of view from a 23mm (35mm in 35mm equivalent terms) to a 19mm (28mm in 35mm terms) optic. 
Fujifilm has attained the same image quality up to the maximum aperture F2 as the original lens quality without the wide-conversion lens because the newly developed firmware is designed to set various corrections for the wide conversion lens, such as distortion, peripheral brightness, and lateral chromatic aberration.  Firmware version 1.30 is here now and the WCL-X100 is coming soon.
Firmware 1.30

To use the lens converter, owners of X100 cameras will need to update the firmware to version 1.30 or later, which will provide the option to select the WCL-X100 use by the Fn or RAW button.  The X100 includes options to apply image processing to images taken with the converter to reduce image distortion, ensure balanced illumination and reduce chromatic aberration.

The lens of X100 was designed with high performance in mind.  Distortion and peripheral illumination are corrected to an optimum level. 
The WCL-X100 consists of three groups of four lenses which are made of glass. It has a 49mm filter thread.
Some conversion lenses are rear conversion types which are designed for a telephoto angle conversion lens for a DSLR camera and those may lower the brightness.  On the other hand, the WCL-X100 conversion lens is made as a front conversion type and the F value can be kept the same.  Aperture values up to F2 can be used.  In the case of  rear conversion type, F number becomes darker in relation to the power of the lens.
X100 and WCL-X100 with 49mm Super EBC filter
Like the lens of the X100, increasing the F-number realizes higher sharpness also with the wide-conversion lens attached. (The best F-number for the sharpness is from F4 to F5.6.)
In the case of shooting with the OVF, a set of frames showing the range of recorded area appears in the four corners instead of the frame rim (equivalent to 80% of the frame field of view). With AF frame compensation ON, the AF frame with parallax compensation appears according to an icon to check the focus.  This is included in the new firmware.  A menu selection will be present to choose the WCL-X100.
Available for the X100 and X100 SE Black

FUJIFILM has worked carefully with the glass elements and software to match the characteristics of both the X100 and the X100 with the WCL-X100 lens.  The design has realized high resolution as if the combination of X100 lens and the conversion lens were a single lens unit. 
49mm filter threads

Also, the image taste of X100 lens, such as "Bokeh", can be kept even with WCL-X100 attached.
With the wide-conversion lens option ON, the focal distance shown in Exif information will be 19mm. Images in RAW files are shown after compensated with the WCL-X100 and the bundled SILKYPIX software will automatically convert the images with the compensation in the wide conversion lens option.

When using the WCL-X100, full functionality of the X100 remains, including the auto-focusing speed and 10cm macro distance.   Also compatible with the hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder, the converter is manufactured from the same materials, textures and colors as the X100.  When using the built in flash vignetting could occur so an external flash is recommended.
The converter will be available in black and silver, delivery date and pricing will be available soon.  USA street price $349.95.


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