Friday, April 30, 2010

It's always amazing to me when you think about all the wires winding through a building to each apartment for the door buzzer and intercom.

In the photo here the building sure has some odd ways of naming apartments and listing them in order??

Since it's sort of a black and white day I also shot a neat tulip in the sun with its ragged edges.

Friday, April 23, 2010

We've all been exposed to the throng of 3D marketing this year.

The experience is of course quite neat and enjoyable in most situations.

This week Time Warner hosted a 3D Masters golf watching lounge.  The tv image looked great and the glasses were an easy accessory.

The crowd was the usual golf crowd but some did look a bit awkward in their big shades.

Then I thought about the photo of a guy dancing who practically dove over me and said that's my closest shot to 3D this week.  A little ghosting from shooting at 1/30 of a second.

This week I was playing with a new camera and seeing what can be done with a 30X zoom lens.

In Madison Square Park there is a neat installation of human-like sculptures placed on the ground and on 11 roofs around the park.  When you spot them your first reaction is someone is about to jump.....The look on faces as they try and find the 31 statues is neat - and it isn't easy - but once you spot one you're hooked.

In these pictures you can see the "guy" on 23rd street and then if you look up over his shoulder towards the Empire State Bldg you can see one on the corner of the ledge which is seen close up.

If you're in the area look for 11 at least!
Have a good weekend!



Friday, April 09, 2010

NYC is a unique place where anything is usually possible.

One of the great events is the annual pillow fight.

A day where the police just let folks blow off steam whacking folks with pillows.
I caught the joker in the act as you'll see.

Here are some neat views of the event from Filene's Basement looking north.

Friday, April 02, 2010

This week the weather was all over the place.  Tons and tons of rain and now some bright sun and blue sky.  We started off with a crisp day last weekend with a low around 30 and now we will see a high of about 70.

With the nice weather I got to hit the woods and play some paintball with the Outlaw and Kingpin.  Going rogue in a field in NJ - we packed up our equipment and hit the road for Old Bridge.  There really is some strategy and exhilaration while being shot at by hyped-up combat dressed folks with paint guns spraying "pellets" of paint at 25 per second at you.  You do feel the sting - but not so bad after a the adrenaline wears off.  (hopefully you can see the spray of paint hitting the fence and headshot of green)

The other photo is the calm and crowded Washington Square Park on a sunny day with NYU students "studying".

ps - sorry for the email change - a lesson is learned after I switched domain registration and now will spend hours reconfiguring the main address.

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