Friday, April 02, 2010

This week the weather was all over the place.  Tons and tons of rain and now some bright sun and blue sky.  We started off with a crisp day last weekend with a low around 30 and now we will see a high of about 70.

With the nice weather I got to hit the woods and play some paintball with the Outlaw and Kingpin.  Going rogue in a field in NJ - we packed up our equipment and hit the road for Old Bridge.  There really is some strategy and exhilaration while being shot at by hyped-up combat dressed folks with paint guns spraying "pellets" of paint at 25 per second at you.  You do feel the sting - but not so bad after a the adrenaline wears off.  (hopefully you can see the spray of paint hitting the fence and headshot of green)

The other photo is the calm and crowded Washington Square Park on a sunny day with NYU students "studying".

ps - sorry for the email change - a lesson is learned after I switched domain registration and now will spend hours reconfiguring the main address.

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