Friday, January 09, 2015

Riverside Church Visit with X Series

The Riverside Church is a monumental building.  The history and description can be found at the wiki link above.  I wanted to share some of the amazing construction at the church.  The towering building is over 20 stories high and the intense details of the main chapel are breathtaking.
I went to the church with a simple light travel kit.  My X-T1 and four lenses easily covered it:  XF14, 23, 35 and 56mm.  I knew I needed the speed of the prime lenses since the lighting is of course dim but more than adequate.

The details of the structure are built over a steel frame.  Clearly needed to support the massive stone building.

Entering the main chapel is a wow moment.  I was lucky to get there and was the only person in the chapel for a brief few moments.  I was able to walk up to the front and didn't have the usual random tourists changing my full view with the XF14mm lens.
I set the camera down on the floor to steady it and tilted out the LCD to lean the camera back and stabilize it.  This shot is a winner for me!

Switching to the XF23-35 & 56 I was able to get many of the details in the carvings on the walls.  So many that you really don't even know where to begin to pick them off for the image.

Here the XF56 APD isolates a stand of berries on the post.

Another bonus of visiting the church is that Grants Tomb is across the street.  So after you tour the church you can pop over and see the largest mausoleum in North America.

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