Friday, May 29, 2009

This week I "met" a unique couple who stand in my hometown of Woodstock and just give the peace sign to passers-by.
They just hang out and do their thing.  There are stories of him with varying tales as - Grandpa Woodstock.
I thought their message and their look were worthy of sharing.  Who's beard do you like more?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It is done!!
Today I was able to return the lost camera to the family who dropped it while visiting here for a wedding.
This is how it was able to happen -

A photog friend recognized the minister in the rehearsal photos.
She contacted him and he gave her the info on the bride.
The bride was away on honeymoon until last Sunday - meanwhile lots of you helped with suggestions on the venue etc - and when she came back she confirmed she knew the people in the photos and the owners were relatives.
The bride's father-in-law lives in NJ about 3 miles from my office.  So after a bunch of emails with the bride I got the address in Metuchen and dropped the camera off there today.  The owners of the camera are indeed from Europe so the camera will be sent over to them soon.

Here's a shot from this morning with the father-in-law, the camera, and some photos I printed from the camera of the owners.

Neat how the internet can work as easy as that!

Thanks to ALL who offered their help and contributed to the effort!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Recently I shared emails about a bike theft and subway garbage.  This week I saw a neat follow up to both so thought I would share my thoughts.

In one photo I couldn't help but feel bad - yet chuckle - when I saw someone who obviously took great care to lock up their bike with 2 locks - but they forgot to lock the frame obviously.

The other photo has a real story about garbage.  Last week I noticed that underground, people were tossing their garbage anywhere - where above-ground people are taking much more care to balance their garbage in an overflowing can (I assume there are many factors to study with this).  I happened to catch the can as a guy passed by with his subway metrocard flying by - so I chose this frame for the added connection.

PS- Haven't found the camera owner yet - but still working on it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some of you may have been around for my "found camera" story about 5 yrs ago.  The short was that I found a camera in a cab on New Year's Eve and through this email (and of course Karen's forwarding of it) I was able to return the camera to the owner with their holiday pics.

Well yesterday I found another camera.  This time lying on the street in front of my building when I walked out at 5:30p on 12th St.  It probably fell out when the couple exited a cab.

So here's what I think we should try to do - find the owners!  I can't tell where they live - but they have about 450 pictures on their disk (from Nov 08 to May '09) - and they've been traveling.  There is a wedding on the camera - and it sorta looks like the wedding was in Central Park - Saturday May 9th - near the reservoir.    The photos attached are the wedding and then the older couple who's camera i think it is.  They've been to Chicago, Europe, Iowa (I think), Buffalo (Sean confirm?), Niagra Falls - NYC etc etc.

See if you can find anyone familiar at the wedding or such - here are the 450 pics.  The wedding is towards the end - since they begin in Europe and move to USA and wedding towards the end.  Worth a shot to make someone's day!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm always amazed at all the things that happen underground in NYC.  Of course the subway is a great place to wander and see another side of life. 

Last night as I made my way up to Port Authority to go bowling at Gate 230 (you have to be careful - Gate 233 goes to Erie then Houston) - I noticed an area where you can look over the tracks - so I took a peek to see if the trains were rolling in.  Of course what I saw instead was a bunch of garbage and it made me think why can't people wait a few seconds and put it in the trash can.

Sure enough when I got to Gate 230 - there they are - 2 - trash cans waiting for anybody to fill them.   I've never understood the urge to litter. 

Friday, May 08, 2009

The other night as I walked along 34th Street I decided I'd try and take (make if you prefer) a picture of the Empire State Building.  I had just left a photo/art fair and the streets were crowded as usual in the area.  As I pointed my camera up a passerby who was walking behind me said "you can't shoot the top of the building - it won't come out".  Now I of course being a new yorker - didn't turn around or break my stride - I just mumbled - "thanks - got it" and went on my way of taking the photo.

So here's the shot I made from the street.  ISO800 - with good dynamic range from the FinePix F200EXR.  I was planning to take the bus home - so that's the type of sign in the shot.

Friday, May 01, 2009

So many choices each week - but to go along with May 1st here is a colorful shot of some tulips in Central Park.

A Quick Look at the 1972 Hasselblad 500C/M

Just a few snaps of the awesome and durable 500C/M.