Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The 30th Annual Infinity Awards - ICP

The 30th anuual ICP Infinity Awards were held this week on Chelsea Piers.  The annual event draws a great crowd and it's a blast to be at.  Check out the ICP either online or when in NYC at 43rd n Sixth Ave.  www.icp.org

As usual I wandered the crowd and got some random snaps.  I used my Fujifilm X-T1 and the 23mm 1.4 lens for all these pics.  Some of the notables include photo folks such as Susan Meiselas and Mark Seliger (top image).  Below are several other giants of the photo world.  
The Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement award was given to Jurgen Schadeberg.  A photographer for more than 65 yrs he emigrated from Berlin to South Africa at age 19 and covered the struggles against Apartheid among many other social and political events.


Two amazing women are Stephanie Sinclair and Jessica Dimmock who won the award for photojournalism.  Their story covers the issue of child marriage in the developing world.  A moving and intense project which has led to the development of the Too Young to Wed nonprofit whose goal is to eradicate child marriage.
 The creative and ever jovial Elliott Erwitt was there with the fabulous Kayla Lindquist from Sony.
Legendary Nat Geo photog Steve McCurry was there and stopped for a photo with Photo District News' Lauren Wendle and Jason Groupp.

 Always have to grab a shot of someone using a nice camera - looks like the Fujifilm X-E1.
 I was able to grab a few quick shots of fashion photographer Steven Klein.  A provocative artist who's career spans it all.

 The dessert tables were plentiful!
 Buzz and Alice stop for a quick shot.  Thanks!

 One of the stars of the night was the gold drone floating around earlier in the night.



 Yes of course I get asked all the time - hey - does anyone ever take your picture??  Yes they do!

 Mr Duggal stops for a quick chat during the night.  Duggal printed all the images in the gallery area seen below.

 As we've all seen - folks are always sneaking in their social media fix!

 Award recipient and amazing talent Samuel James accepts and gives a moving talk about his work in Nigeria dealing with energy and conservation.

 You gotta be impressed with a menu in which the dessert description is longer than the dinner entre.



 Holly Hughes from PDN was there smiling as always!
 Bruce Davidson was there engaging in conversations with folks.
 Cracked a smile for me too!

  Two awesome women from Duggal Solutions were there - Hillary and Heather.
 Eugene Mopsik and Nancy Wolfe.

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