Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Bridge Car and Art Show

It's not hard to miss a great shot when it's a beautiful summer day, you're using a favorite new camera and lens and your camera is set to capture in Velvia film simulation!
A Pagani opened up for all to see!

The Bridge is an amazing place.  Situated at the topographical highpoint of eastern long island the club is built on an area once used for a race track in Bridgehampton.  On the approx 500 acres they now have an exclusive club where the annual car and 
art show happens in early September.
I shot all the images with the FUJIFILM X Series camera
and lenses.

 How many Porsches?  Hard to count them all lined up!

 This white special edition Aston Martin was one of my favorites!

 What does it feel like to wear this watch ?  I tell ya - like a million bucks!  Since that is what it costs!

 Around the third hole is an installation by Tom Sachs who is a world famous contemporary artist who built an amazing space dome which many people were enjoying inside and out.  
He is also well known for his collaborations with Nike and the Mars Yard 2.0 sneaker.
One of his favorites of the scores of exhibits is the special camera exhibit
Worth seeing for any camera buff!!

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