Monday, January 19, 2015

Sam Smith Plays Madison Square Garden

ISO 2000 @ F4 - 1/250th

The other day I got a call to pop up to Madison Square Garden to see Sam Smith.  My first thought was who is that?  Yeah yeah I'm old and don't listen to enough radio I suppose.  Anyway I grabbed my X100S and the two conversion lenses and headed up to the show.
I wanted to travel light and I wasn't shooting the show - but I knew I'd have a chance to grab some shots.  I shot the closer images with the 50mm conversion lens (33mm on APS-C) and the others are a mix with the standard 23mm and then the wide angle conversion bringing it out to 19mm or effective 28mm by full frame standards.  Most are shot at ISO 2000 at 125 or 250 wide open at F2.0 or 4.0.
Great show and talented guy who handled the stage and wild screaming crowd like a seasoned performer.

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