Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Quick Shots

We all know the marvels of depth of field.  Some understand it optically and some of us understand it empirically.  Either way there is a difference between an F stop and a bus stop as the old saying goes.

Here is a quick look at the power of an F 1.4 to isolate a subject and then when you stop down to F 11 how the scene changes.  I'm not looking to school anyone on the marvels here of bokeh or even go down there now - just a quick DOF look.  The other images I wanted to bring up are the ones with the violin player.  It's amazing how changing your position in a scene can dramatically change the impact of the image.  Give it some thought and move around.  Or as Jay Maisel always says - shoot - shoot - shoot and then turn around 180 degrees and shoot some more (paraphrasing Jay).


Jay Maisel May 23, 2012
X-Pro1 w/ 60mm

ISO 2000

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