Friday, October 02, 2009

This week while in Boston I was excited to capture the skyline at night from Cambridge to Boston.  It's a scene I always loved since the 80's at college there. 

While shooting on a tripod I noticed my first shot was blurry at 15 seconds at f/5.6 and I couldn't figure out why since I knew the ground wasn't shaking and I focused at infinity.
Then I noticed I had left the image stabilizer on the lens in the "on" mode - so I switched it off and shot another image - this time at 30 seconds at f/9.  Sharp!

You can see the two images with a close-up for comparison.  Lesson of the day - when shooting on a tripod and trying to hold the camera steady - turn off the stabilizer function since it tries to compensate for any movements and its slight adjustment will affect the image when on a tripod.

The second shot is my favorite with the bike that rode by on the left with it's tail light and lit up guard rail from a turning car.

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