Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Email 9-17-10

This was one of the best weeks for camera action.  I had so many amazing subjects to shoot so I'm not quite sure what to pick.

The 9-11 anniversary led to many emotional scenes and beyond the static shots of the beams I did a GIF which shows darkness falling on downtown NYC.  Click the link to see that in motion.

Then I was lucky enough to see The Wall performed by Roger Waters.  Truly and amazing experience and thus you need a shot from that show.  During the concert they built the wall then tore down the wall and the GIF link shows the wall and all the color and crashing.

Then it's Fashion Week in NYC so there are tons to choose from!   Look at the faces of the folks in the crowd.

There were also more shots from the courthouse construction project across the street and lastly the issue in NYC with the new voting forms which I can validate are ridiculous in their design and function.

Have a great weekend.

The Wall video from concert

The WTC Beams

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