Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Night Shots F/2.0

Last night I decided to only use the X100 at F/2.  I varied my ISO from 1000-2000 and mostly shot at 2000.
You can see in the names of the files which ISO they are shot at.  These are grab shots which I get asked about - can the camera work under that situation....

TheX100 is proving to be a fun camera to shoot and is an easy camera to fall for.  I am still using a beta unit, so there are a few tweaks needed and these are all unadjusted jpegs.  No (un)sharpening in any program applied.
I expect to have my final version unit next week and look forward to working with it and sharing some info.  Click for larger image if you like.


  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    That's one shabby area.. I wouldn't want to walk around with a $1200 camera in that place :)

    But of course.. better being robbed of the X100 than an M9 :)

  2. Brooklyn in da House!12:43 AM

    @anon - It's NYC street shots--just looks worse than it actually is. Plenty of people walking around, cars on street, etc. Nobody would bother with an old looking camera, which is the beauty of the X100.

    City's been cleaned up pretty good. 20 years ago it was different story, but with gentrification, drug havens like Alphabet City are now filled with high rises and million dollar condos.

  3. Anonymous2:07 AM

    I love it. Looks like Williamsburg.


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