Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Email 7-22-11 Reflecting on Technology and Age

We went from a week of torrential rain to a week of amazing temps with the heat index expected to reach 110 today in NYC.  I am going to head out and see what it feels like and what kind of cooling actions people are taking.

This week while taking a steamy walk through Central Park I noticed an older man reading the paper as the sun was setting (8:25pm).  I thought to myself how it was a peaceful scene to see this man reading a paper, rather then the usual scene we are used to today of an electronic device of some sort.  Th
e ability to unplug and just relax on a bench is something we all probably should plan time to do.

FinePix X100 ISO 800 F/ 2.0 @ 1/45th - Exp Comp -2/3 - Man on Bench
FinePix X100 ISO 400 F/2.0 @ 1/42nd - Exp Comp -2/3 - Trees

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