Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Email - 9-30-11 -Zoom In

This week while biking down the Hudson river path I brought a small point n shoot camera and mounted it on a super clamp on the handlebars.  There is a neat feature in some of the new cameras which allows you to set the camera to automatically shoot a photo when the camera "sees" a smile in the frame.  So I decided to set it and ride down the path and every now and then I'd look down for a shot and smile.  Now as much as I know you'd like to see the 27 photos looking up my nose - I've decided to focus on the images with the camera after I stopped for a sunset view across to New Jersey.  I just wanted to mention the smile feature and perhaps you can use it in your images - great for a family portrait since it will keep shooting as long as you give it a smile.

The images here were shot from NYC looking over to Hoboken NJ.  The F550 I used has a 15x zoom which is quite common in today's cameras.  So you can really appreciate the zoom distance from a mile away.  You can spot the red top of the PATH station across the water in the wide angle shot.
The moon made an appearance over Jersey City as well.

FinePix F550EXR ISO 100 at approx 340mm & 25mm 5 seconds @ F/5.6

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