Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekly Email - 12-16-11 - Wedding Celebration

This week I had the unique opportunity to go to a hasidic wedding ceremony in Williamsburg (Brooklyn).  The level of emotion and the overall sense of tradition was palpable.  The togetherness of the family and friends is great to experience.  As you can see in the photo there are many many men dressed in black and with various hats.   The fancy fur ones are the closest relatives - first cousin or closer.  The groom's father has 35 uncles for instance.

One of my favorites shows some of the subtle details of the jackets which clearly shows the diversity in the fabric of the clothing seen here.

5DII with15mm ISO 640 - 1/30th @ F/4.5

Can I have my black jacket please?


  1. Wow! What did YOU wear?

  2. Nice, Brandon. Still want to try one of the new cameras on our Tennis Channel set.

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  4. I know some of those people in the pictures, because I went to many due to my past at Classic Album and the workers.


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