Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fujifilm X-Pro1 @ Madison Square Garden

It's virtually impossible to not get some great shots at a rock concert.  The lighting is so dialed in to the mood of the show that you just have to have some decent gear to capture the light and be in the right position.   The hardest part about shooting the singers is that they are always in motion.  Even though the light looks terrific the exposure needs to be the right combination of shutter speed, aperture and ISO to freeze the action and retain some detail in the background.

So last night when Todd called and said hey you want to go to the Garden to see a show I was like I'm in!  I grabbed a very light set of gear - Fujifilm X-Pro1 and the 18mm & 35mm lenses.  I figured I'd try to capture the ambiance of the show more so than the close-up action.  I shot in jpeg only for this show and made 529 exposures and the battery still had life.

The show was Bush and Nickelback and they were awesome.   They had a neat experience at the show when they get on a flying stage which lifts and transports them from the main stage to the center of the MSG floor.  It also rotated so everyone got a chance to see them and of course take pics and video.
If you review your music catalog and give them a whirl, I'm sure they'll fire you up on a Friday night!

The beauty of the X-Pro1 here is that it's low profile yet high quality allowed me to shoot unfettered since nobody really takes notice of you with a small retro style camera.  But as we know the images that the camera produces are amazing!
I shot most of the action shots at ISO 1600.  I did change occasionally from ISO 1000-2000 for all the images.  Click to enlarge them.  Exposures varied but safe to assume many at 1/250 with apertures F/1.6 - 2.2.

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  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    The last picture is fantastic! I love the many juxtapositions you captured in just one shot.

  2. This set came out great. Also, nice touch with the last picture :)

  3. Great shots (and great bands!). Whish I was there too... I have a question about the focussing. I read a lot about AF being very slow. How did the cam do under these conditions? And do you also shoot MF? How are your experiences with that? I'm planning to buy an Xpro1 with the 18mm and the 35mm and am in doubt if it would be whise to keep my Nikkor 50/1.8 and 85/2.0 with an adaptor. They would be MF off-course.

  4. Describing the AF on here is a tough thing. I think there are enough reviews out there talking about how the X-Pro1 performs. The simple truth is I shot these photos and 1,000's of others with the camera and these guys are not standing still. Sure a fancy new DSLR will outperform it on the AF speed - but every good photog works with the tools they have. Folks looked at me funny with a 50mm lens while all had fancy 70-200's on D4's and Mark IV's - but I got some good coverage I think.

  5. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Hello Bandon, would you please describe your jpg settings? The photos look amazing!
    Thank you in advance!

  6. Hello - I shot the images at ISO 1600-2000. I shot around F/1.4-2.2 about 1/250th. The lighting is great by the bands. Usually I shoot on standard or velvia setting - but either are easy to tweak to change saturation in Aperture. Thanks for taking a look.


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