Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bronx Zoo Shooting

Heading to the zoo for some casual shooting is a great exercise in camera selection. I had an X20, X100S and HS50EXR. Clearly the HS50 is the most useful camera with its incredible zoom. But this is subjective, since what is the shooting goal? Mine was to have fun and learn the cameras. That's pretty simple.
This week I am going to get my favorite combo going with the new XF55-200. I've been shooting with it for a day and it is a great lens addition to my X arsenal. Now I feel a bit more complete with my range extending out to an effective 300mm. Stay tuned for posted images.
On another note it is wonderful to be able to work in raw with much more ease now. I was missing my raw captures in Aperture.
This week saw the release of an X100S firmware update which continues Fujifilm's response to the market for photographer requests. I also think the X100 will see continued firmware support and update, so do not despair.

Here is the range of the HS50EXR Zoom from 24mm-1000mm

In-camera color filter.  Isolating blue.

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