Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's The Simple Things in Life

It's often said that it's the simple things that bring us pleasure.  Well I know I like a new toy now and then and I must say my Fat Gecko and OlloClip are two favorites of mine.  Why?  Because these two items combined have made my GPS car experience so much better!
Let's take a look at just how the rig sets up. 
Very strong 3" suction cup means this is never coming off by accident!

I love using Waze and when I set it up and go I want my phone visible and hands free without any real obstruction of my view of the road.  
In these photos I mounted it on the outside of the window for more clarity of the parts.  Usually it would be inside on the far left of the windshield tucked out of my direct view (shots below).

The Fat Gecko Mini has an awesome suction cup, comes with an extension rod and then ends with a functional ball head.  The key is the extension part which brings the phone out past the slope of the windshield.  
Delkin Fat Gecko Mini
Then I added an Olloclip Quick-Flip case which includes a standard 1/4 20 mount bracket which slips onto their case.  This combo allows me to leave the phone mount attached to the Gecko and thus pop my phone in and out whenever I need to.

Here you can see how the Ollo screws into the Gecko ball head.

This extension piece brings the phone out to a usable spot off the windshield.  The same rig also works for many camera set ups.

 Here are the parts in their individual form:

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