Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fujifilm X100T Favorite Accessory Set Up

The X100T is a favorite of mine nowadays!  The camera is wonderful out of the box - but when you add a few accessories the camera looks and feels even better.
My current set up is the X100T in silver, along with the black soft release button, black lens hood and filter adapter kit, and the new metal grip (which also works on the X100 and X100S).  I added the Fujifilm 49mm filter as well.

The beauty of this new grip is that you have battery and card access as well as it serving as a tripod plate.  A feature I love as I flip out my X-T1 and X100T off and on my Induro carbon fiber tripod.

The new grip really feels great and the camera feels solid and locked into my hand when I stroll with it.

Check out all the accessories here on the Fujifilm site -

My first post on the camera along with some sample images is located here -

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