Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Washington DC Cherry Blossom Whirlwind Day

It's always been on my bucket list to get to DC when the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom.  Sure that's not really a wild dream - but you have to make it happen and it's not around the corner from here.  So when the opportunity came up I jumped on it and headed down to see what the city looks like in the special 10 days or so when the tress are full of their colorful pink blooms.

The walk we decided to take is pretty straightforward.  Start out at the Capitol building, head past the Wash Monument, around to the Jefferson Memorial, circle the Tidal Basin, past the MLK Memorial, over to the Lincoln Memorial and then through the Korean War and Vietnam Memorials on the way back down towards the WWII Memorial and back to the Capitol building.  An aggressive approach which is quite doable with a few batteries, some snacks and a nice blue sky.

This image is all about the way they place the safety barriers in DC.

The above is with the soft focus simulation in camera.  Thanks to Janet for the image of me shooting my X-T1 with my new Tenba Switch bag.

I love the generational difference with grandma using a Fujifilm Quicksnap and kid using electronic device.

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