Sunday, November 11, 2018

Spencer Tunick @ 368 Casey Neistat

On a cool Sunday morning in October in a quiet alley in downtown Manhattan two artists collaborated to make some interesting art.   Spencer Tunick - has been making his photographic art for decades.  He uses the human body to instill thought and beauty into the scenery he carefully crafts from different vantage points and a unique vision.
On this early morning we were heading to the studio art space where Casey Neistat - YouTube sensation, artist and creator of all things fun and adventurous has an art space available to make and create.
Spencer has legions of people willing to come down and pose nude in public for his projects and on this morning he made three creations - alley - 368 and in Casey's studio where he does his vlog recording.  This is some of the behind the scenes as I watched them work along with Omar Z Robles a Fujifilm X Photographer and amazing dance and art photographer - who was working with Spencer that morning.
You can see the work happen in the alley - then move to a creative shot in 368 Studio and then we moved to Casey's office - a famous landmark on Broadway where troves of people stakeout daily to get a glimpse of his comings and goings.  For the real scenes see Spencer's IG and Casey's vlog post -  some amazing images from the morning!

Spencer uses a mixture of film and digital.  You can see the double Contax film cameras on the tripod and in this shoot the Fujifilm X-H1 and XF8-16mm was used for the tight space in the Studio.  It turned out to be an amazing vantage point!

 Tom Sachs Playing Cards on the shelf.

Thanks for a great day guys !

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