Friday, June 25, 2010

Everyone always asks me " Do you always carry a camera with you?" and I always say yes of course!

The other day it was hot - real hot - dam hot - and carrying my DSLR was not really working for me and I debated what to go with and picked up my point n shoot instead.

No sooner did I step out my door did I see the first major accident in my hood in 10 years. Two taxis ricocheted off each other and one hit the phone booths pretty hard. I began snapping best I could with my F70EXR and here are some of the many pix. It also gave me a new appreciation for the barriers they put up in front of the phone booths. It protected the phones and took the brunt of the car - crushing the front end of the cab.

The lesson of the day is the old saying - when you least expect it......

Have a great weekend. A short video from the event is posted here -

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