Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekly Email 6-18-10

This week I shot a couple neats portraits. One was an experiment with the panoramic feature in the camera and the other was a great setting.

At the beach I thought about trying to see what happens with the sweep pano feature if the scene didn't change during exposure. With this feature you need to rotate the camera as it shoots and it then stitches the photo for an approximately 180 degree image. So as I rotated the camera I kept my face in the way and the image you see is what the camera did. The pano image are of course very long but not very high so hopefully you can view them large enough to see details. Certainly won't work on the phone!

The other image is of the Brommers, who when I saw them step up to the alter at a party in a converted synagogue on the lower east side - I knew I had a great shot with the colors and their "look" during this spontaneous moment.

Have a great weekend.

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