Friday, August 06, 2010

Weekly Email 8-6-10

This week I found myself out one night when one of the more obvious personas of the NYC nightlife popped in.  I really didn't have any idea of who or what she/he has gone through but a quick check led to some intense history - such as -

Amanda Lepore (born Armand)

Her first surgical operation was a rhinoplasty, which occurred at the age of fifteen, a gift from her then-boyfriend, a plastic surgeon. Lepore has had three breast augmentations, her eyes slanted twice, her forehead lifted, her hairline pulled down, and her brow bone reduced. She has also had her forehead, buttocks, and hips enlarged with liquid silicone injections. Most notably, she had her lips enlarged with liquid silicone injections (and subsequently reduced) and has had her lower rib broken and pushed in.  In an interview for "The Insider" in 2006, she acknowledged that she spent a lot of money on that transformation.

I can't even imagine some of the pain and healing times involved in all that.  To see it all live is a unique experience.


  1. Years ago I went to a big charity party where various designers and artists had each created and decorated a dinner table in their choice of theme and medium. At the table where I was seated, dinner was served on a long table made out of a large plexi box. Inside the box was Amanda, laid out naked except for a couple of flowers placed to cover certain areas.

  2. david k3:47 PM

    she a fave of LaChappelle


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