Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly Email 8-27-10

Last night I hopped into a cab and the music was cranking and the driver was ecstatic to see me.  Not what I expected!

He proclaimed he was the Happy Cabby and he would bring joy to my ride.  Then turned the stereo up to 10 and floored it.  It was quite an experience.  At each stop light he would turn down the music and tell me I am a unique person.  Certainly I am happy and a terrific human being.  It was like riding the affirmation express.  Perhaps you've bumped into him one night?  I found a bunch of videos of him on youtube and if you want to hear him tell it - the link is below. 

Of course I pulled out my instant camera and shot a photo of him which he kissed and praised me as a great man.  When we got to my apt I asked how much  - he said whatever you want is fine - you're a fantastic human being.

The meter was for $7.10 and I gave him a $20.

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  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Only in NYC! Well done Brandon!

    -Jim C. (your 3D guy!)


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