Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dog Walking Woops

Today while I was down on the Hudson shooting some pics I noticed a dog barking and seemingly alone with the leash stuck in the planks.  I looked around and it was very quiet and few folks walking by so it was odd.  I even looked over the edge for a body.  I found a ranger and mentioned it to her but then a woman was coming back up the path and said something like who's dog is barking and looked over.  She said hmm that looks like my dog  -OH MY that is my dog!  She then proceeded to tell me how her mother is sick and she was talking on the phone and didn't realize the leash had dropped.  She had walked down the river and was on her way back when she noticed her missing dog.  The dog was very happy to see her and was jumping on its back legs - and clearly recognized her before she recognized the dog.

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