Monday, February 07, 2011

FinePix X100 Videos

The FinePix X100 is a wonderful camera to work with on the streets.  It’s the camera I’ve waited for for years.  My standard camera is a 5D or 5D II with a 28mm 1.8 for general shooting and vacations (light set-up to run out with).  Finally the X100 comes along and I have a professional camera with the speed, ergonomics, and performance I can rely on.  I'm not saying ditch the DSLR - I am saying I now have a pro camera I can rely on and not carry a DSLR when it is overkill for the activity.

Final version cameras are not in the USA but the initial prototype units are amazing.  The sharpness is way over expectations and it has led me to having to send in my 16-35L lens due to its soft look when compared to the X100 (effective 35mm lens).

The image at the bottom shows the set-up for shooting the two videos on this blog.  I suppose there are already tons and tons of videos and images of the camera so I think I’m done with the tech stuff unless there is a specific request which makes sense to me. 

One of the best features is the near silent leaf shutter.  The soft click is a luxurious sound and feel which empowers you to shoot more and raise your game.  Those of you who have bought a new lens you’ve pined for in the past know that feeling of “power” when you get the new glass on the body.

All images are now from the jpeg file.
Can’t wait for it to hit our shores around March 25th.

Files below are both shot at f/2/0


  1. Very interesting, thanks for posting the samples. Any chance of uploading any of them atfull size ? How responsive is the LOW LIGHT focusing compared to your 5D or 5DII ?

  2. Any examples at f2? - would really like to see some narrow DOF coming from this. Thanks

  3. I appreciate the comments. I would prefer to not share full files yet since this is not a final production unit. I will shoot more and get a feel for it and share the fashion shots soon. Also I would not like to get into a comparison to the 5DII which is a great camera. The DSLR space is very different in power, versatility, and performance.

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  5. Anonymous12:05 AM

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  6. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Hello Sir. Brandon! Thank you very much for posting samples of the Fuji X100 as my father and I have been very interested in this retro looking camera.

    We were wondering, could the X100 use other older remote release cables? We have two of them that were made in the 1970's and still are in very good condition that came with our inherited Olympus Pen EE.

    Also, have you tried using the built in ND Filter?

    I have been curious to how well it performs on the X100 as I use filters for majority of my landscape photos & have experience in using a built in ND filter on a Fuji camera namely the F200EXR which works really well; helps add creative effects for long exposures at low ISO's for me.

    Anyway thank you again Sir. Brandon for sharing your experience and photos with the Fuji X100, much appreciated!

    My father and I hope to hear more info from you regarding your experiences with this beautiful retro designed camera.

    Best Regards
    Jaime Cumagun

  7. Anonymous10:43 AM

    So, how fast is the AF, compared to your 5D?

  8. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Thanks for posting!

    More and more, this camera seems like a great street-shooting/documentary/carry-around camera.

    Fuji must have read my mind when they designed this thing!

  9. Anonymous8:05 PM

    How did you find switching from the optical to electronic viewfinder, and which did you prefer if any ?

  10. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Can you give us some information on AF speed? This has been the Achilles heel for more than one contrast detection AF camera that starts with an X.

    How is it to manual focus? How fast can you review an image? How is ISO 1600 & 3200?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions you can answer.



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