Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Email 2-11-11 Put a Little Flash in Your Life

One of the most common thoughts in photography is that the flash is for indoor shooting.  All professionals know that the flash - even on your point and shoot camera - is an essential part of your photography.  A good example is of course when someone is backlit or perhaps wearing a hat with a shadow on the face.  Both great times for fill flash.

In the example here you can make your own opinions as to whether flash adds to the photo or not.  I would say try it one day to leave your flash set to Always On when you are outdoors and see if you notice the difference.  This doesn't apply in general to distance shots - I'm referring to your people shots.  Your images should have a bit more pop and less harsh shadows on the faces of friends.


  1. Hi Brandon,

    Did you shoot this with an off camera-flash or the the Fuji EF-20/EF-42. Can you tell if it's possible to tilt/swivel the head of the EF-20?

    Thanks in advance!!
    The Netherlands

  2. Anonymous12:09 AM

    I actually like the photo without the flash being on. It looks better, and more natural to me.

  3. Anonymous2:30 AM

    That flash photo is horrible. Liveless and those double highlights in the eye. Delete it.
    Jan Haidn


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