Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fujifilm X100 - What Does it Mean to You ? First Look Sony SLT A77

X100 ISO 800 1/10th @ F2.0
 I've been thinking about how much conversation the X100 drives in my travels.  It has led me to ask the question: "How does it make you feel?"
I think many of us love to make great images - but we also have an inner desire to look the part and feel that the camera completes us in some situations.  Some of us may use it as a badge of honor or something we WANT to be seen with.  There is ego in our camera gear.  The X100 and the future X cameras will continue to exude a certain feeling when you pick them up.  There is a power and confidence you get from your gear and it should reward you for that.  It's not talked up much, so I thought I would float the idea out there and see if there are any comments on my thinking that the X100 and other cameras you own are more than just tools we use.  They are emotionally connected to us and we are expressing ourselves with that choice.  

Today I saw a new level of the electronic viewfinder.  
The new Sony SLT A77 has an amazing internal screen.  The 2.4M OLED viewfinder jumps out at you as a game changer for the technology.  Gone are the weak colors and minor flicker you can sense in some EVF's.  Of course the 24MP sensor and the 12fps are also impressive features.  The other neat item is that really tricked out LCD - see pix below.  It flips up high enough to be seen from the front.  Great for video work on a tripod.  The hard part in the USA is getting the pro market to look to Sony as a high end solution.  This camera does raise the game.  Sony certainly has the technology, deep pockets, and marketing power to grow their share aggressively.  No doubt prosumers and beginners are taking note.  The new announcements from Sony say "Hear Me Roar,  I have arrived"!  It will be an exciting few weeks waiting to see what Canon, Nikon and Panasonic serve up as a response.  September 1 is the big announcement of the next X.  It's a beauty!

X100 Built in fill flash

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