Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekly Email 11-11-11 Shake and a Smile

Living in a neighborhood for many years you get to know some of the familiar faces and characters in the area.
One of the guys who hundreds if not thousands know is Melville the shake guy.  He works in Lifethyme - one of the local grocery stores and has quite a following.
Melville always has a cheery attitude and makes your shake with a smile.  Check him out sometime.

The image was tweaked using Topaz imaging software since I felt the abstract look and the colors of the scene add flavor.

The B&W shot is Mickey who is one of the local delivery guys.  He's been chugging along on his bike for more than a decade in all weather!

Then the last is Tom Sachs who I've known since the baby stroller days in Central Park.  Bumped into him at O Cafe in the hood, and with the X10 in hand made a quick shot and tweak.  Always helpful to have the camera with you!  See Tom's latest show at -Tom Sachs @ Sperone Gallery

Fujifilm X10 - 28mm at 1/60 @ F/2.0 ISO 250
Fujifilm X10 - 112mm at 1/220 @ F/2.8  ISO 200
Fujifilm X10 - 28mm at 1/170 @ F/2.5 ISO 800

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