Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fujifilm X-Pro1 CES 2012

CES 2012 is a wrap and the follow up begins!  Certainly it was great to have an exciting product launch and a camera which captured a lot of attention and many awards - including the CNET top Camera of CES 2012.  Here are some shots from the week to show the action around the X-Pro1 and the media attention from the multitude of sites.
More soon as I gather the feedback and images from CES.

Video Interview at
CNET Best of Show - Cameras
PDN Online
Luminous Landscapes
Digital Trends
The Verge
Sync Up.TV Video
Digital Camera
Photography Bay Press Conf Coverage
Crunch Techie

CES Press Announcement

A nice new menu system with the Quick button

X-Pro1 is a Winner!

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  1. Months and months ago I said on Fujifilm's facebook something like "look at the Contax G system...make it a fuji X." Looks like you did it! But only now with digital the fatal flaw (missed focus) of the G system is corrected! I can't wait to add this system to my kit.

    I don't know if you can pass something along, but with the film simulators there really is only one missing aspect... Grain! I would love the ability to simulate a 400 or 800 speed film from time to time if I want to just output to jpg. I already add a little in post but for some projects it could be cool.

    Thanks for the XP-1!


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