Saturday, January 07, 2012

Weekly Email 1-7-12 Nostaglia for the Post Office

This week I visited a post office which had the old style mailboxes I don't see too often in NYC.
The classic look of the boxes made me think about the days before email when this was a meeting place and a center of activity for communities.  I remember how I used to enjoy spinning the lock to the combination letters to get the mail.  

Most have now moved to keys and are of course boring silver boxes.

The post office is usually a chore since the place is dingy and crowded.  Getting out of NYC to see the old style was a nice blast from the past.
Have a good weekend.

FinePix X10 ISO 400 F/2.2 @ 1/90th


  1. This looks indeed like a very nice and classical post office like I have never seen!

  2. Love it... nice use of your FinePix X10.


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