Thursday, February 09, 2012

Fujifilm X-Pro1 First Day Stroll

The X-Pro1 is proving to be solid performer on the street.  With a few other folks taking a look at the design and performance of the camera I am confident there will be a solid reception of the camera - similar to the X100.

Click for LARGE file
I am going to have a lot more time with the camera over the next few weeks so it is still premature for me to issue edicts about all the features.  I do feel the AF speed is faster than the X100 and the file looks gorgeous.  Today, just some grab shots and I will try for images with people tomorrow.

I usually shoot a street sign as a gauge of resolution and it serves as my sort of eye chart.  I've included the FULL file of the signs so you can see the detail in the letters at all sizes.  

All photos here were done handheld wandering the streets. The ones here with the super blue sky are shot at ISO 200 at approx F/8 @ 1/250th.

The reflected light from the building in the image above this one.

The series with the Empire State Building is ISO 200, 400, 800, & 1600 as noted on the exif data on the image.  Very smooth files I feel but we each have our own opinions to make.  The order is with the ISO 1600 FIRST.

ISO 2000 Tweaked for intensity

ISO 500 1/140th @ F/2.8

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  1. Will you be posting original/full size shots anywhere?


  2. That night shot of the street scene is amazing, as good or better than any m9 shot I've ever seen for sure. Great insight as to what the pro 1 can do, and that's all before you even stick m glass in front of it. Amazing.

  3. If need some ISO test from low ISO into maximum ISO capability, just opened ISO Test Result from Fujifilm Indonesia Facebook Fans Page :


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