Friday, February 03, 2012

Weekly Email - 2-3-12 - Magical City Light

I can never seem to get enough of a nice twilight sky over NYC!

This week when I ended up on a roof around 5:30p I knew I had a nice photo coming my way and I decided that I would try bracketing the image several stops and merge the files together to see what the final product would be.  This is commonly called HDR photography for those new to the technique.  There is a lot of articles written about it all over the web.  Basically the perfect exposure of the highlights is not the same as the perfect for the shadows - so if you can capture a range including both - software can help grab the best parts to make a winning image.

In this series I shot 11 photos and the exposure ranged from F/7.1 at 1 second to F/6.3 at 8 seconds.

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  1. What software did you use to stitch the photos together? Thanks! And I'm loving your reviews of the X-Pro1! Please keep 'em coming!


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