Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fujifilm FinePix F770 Camera

This week I've been playing with the new FinePix F770 series cameras.   There are several models and colors of the F series camera which are Fujifilm's advanced consumer series cameras with a long history of performance and innovation.

One of the amazing new features is the mixture of the optical and digital zoom capabilities.  The newest cameras do this very well and even with digital cropping they can get the job done.  What sold me on this was the first series of photos I shot out the taxi window when stopped at a light near the Superdome.  The initial optical zoom of the F770/750 is 25-500mm and with the digital zoom it brings it out to 1000mm!  With further digital processing the camera can reach a staggering 68x zoom which is a 1700mm zoom from a camera which fits in your pocket.


From Zoom to Super-wide Angle, Full Range of Shooting is Available

Conventional digital zoom basically only re-sizes the optical image data, often resulting in lack of definition, but the new Intelligent Digital Zoom uses the speed and power of the EXR Processor to instantly sharpen image edges and reduce noise for images with natural clarity and crispness of detail across the digital zoom range.  All images are handheld with no massaging.  These are jpegs from the camera.  And yes the F770 series does shoot RAW, as well as many other neat features including 320fps video.  For a complete look at the cameras check out the site:

But the page with the really neat tech info is here:

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  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Yes Great photos ,superb clarity and colour ! I have ordered this camera and its on its way ,looked up the specs was impressed, and im sure this is the camera for me lol , Happy shooting ! All the best from Tina Australia :)


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