Friday, March 02, 2012

Weekly Email - 3-2-12 Local Travels to Refresh

This week I was thinking about what I usually do for interesting photographic images and history when traveling overseas.  Perhaps you agree that the answer seems to be visit churches and cathedrals. How many tours in Italy involve stopping at the local church or duomo?  How can anyone visit Paris and not see Notre Dame?  Who doesn't recognize St. Basil's cathedral in Red Square, etc.

I never gave it much thought when wandering around NYC (except St Patricks).  Then I thought about all our tourists and that they might be going to our amazing architectural buildings scattered all over NYC so I ventured out all of one block and found a couple neat shots on the corner.   You may want to bring a tripod with you when possible for longer exposures in the dimly lit areas.
More coming in the future as I branch out of the zip code!
These images were made using NIK HDR Efex Pro.  For the eagle I shot 4 images in the bracket.  For the wide shot I made 10 images and blended them.  I did not do any real post beyond letting the program work its magic and help me out with the shadows and highlights.  Both were shot with the 18mm lens on the X-Pro1 with my Induro CT014 tripod.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 at ISO 200 4 seconds @ F/5.6

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  1. Really great details! You most have done a lot of postproduction on these two images..

    I check our blog every day for x-pro1 updates. Looking forward to see and hear more soon.


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