Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Checking out South Beach

Actually this one is Ft Lauderdale

Anyone who has been to South Beach knows that the colors are amazing.  The deep blue sky filling your view with bright colors and warm sand everywhere makes for some pretty special photographic moments.
I was down there for only a few hours over the course of a couple days - but a short walk along the deco hotels at the right time of day makes for easy pickings.
I set my X-T1 camera for the Velvia film simulation and made sure I was there earlier in the day to capture the hotels along the famous strip.
How many of us remember tv's like this?  Another great thing about Florida is the age of the people and in many cases the age of their appliances.  A cemetery for old technology.

Bonus points if you can figure out which car that is.  I had to look up close at the label.

Looking out over the bay east towards the ocean you can see the causeways and islands connecting to south beach.

Lots of talk lately about optical and digital lens corrections.  Whatever the case I sure am happy to have it since I prefer a straight horizon with no post work needed.

A quick change from the 10-24 to the 56mm makes for an easy portrait at the bar.

In camera filters made a couple fun shots possible on the fly.

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  1. That car should be a Fisker Karma. And the price for guessing it correctly was to get to try out the TCL-X100 for a week? ;-)


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