Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New York City from Hoboken Stroll

The other day I popped over to Hoboken for an art fair and while that was a nice event which was packed, my interest was as usual, drawn to the shore of the Hudson and the view across to NYC.  It's tough to not get a good shot, but with the weather changing over the course of the day I was watching to see what evolved.

The NYFD boat was out testing their pumps.
A short rain blew over the city and it made for a more dramatic look.  Later on the clouds cleared and the usual nice sunset images appeared.

This image was made by holding my iPhone up to a telescope on the pier.

Here is a massive tweak to a nice twilight image made with my XF56mm lens at F/1.2.

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  1. You have brilliantly demonstrated how clouds can be your friends and make masterful photos.


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