Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fujifilm Advanced Filter Set and Film Simulations

Two great features of Fujifilm X Series cameras are the Film Simulation Modes and the Advanced Filter Modes.  Each of these offer photographers a creative way to interpret the scenes they capture.
In the scene below I set up my X100T and shot the whole range of FSM as well as the Adv Filters.  Some of the changes are subtle in THIS scene - but in others will be much more dramatic.  This scene does not have a lot of green so the punch of Velvia isn't felt the same way it would in a tropical image for instance.  So let's take a look.  Click to enlarge.

These first four images above are the range of Provia - Velvia - Astia and the new Classic Chrome.  You can easily see the subdued Classic Chrome look I assume.
The following seven images are the Negative High Speed look - aka Pro400H, then Neg Low - Pro160S, B&W classic, then B&W with the following filtration effect added - Yellow, Red, & Green, followed by the Sepia choice.
Here is the link for the X Series of cameras:

The next set of images are the Advanced Filter choices.  There are many Partial Color filter selects in which the software isolates one color and turns the rest of the scene B&W.  This is shown in the first image in dramatic fashion.  I've excluded the other Partial Color Filters due to the lack of many of the colors in the scene.  The other choices you can make are - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple.  Each of these can be used creatively as you can imagine.

The other filters included in the cameras are Soft Focus, Dynamic Tone, Low Key Scene, High Key Scene, Pop Color, Miniature and Toy Camera.
Here is a link to the creative modes on the X100T site - 

Here are some night images with various filters as well.
You can see Dynamic - Pop - Toy - Miniature - Soft - B&W Yellow isolation....

I recently went to Costa Rica so I am updating the post with some quick shots with the Advanced Filters. 

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  1. I find color of sky most natural in Astia, you agree?


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