Saturday, March 28, 2015

Travel to Delray Florida via the Centurion Club

Many of us know airports are not usually a place we look forward to visiting.  Sure they are the go-between for vacations and work travel - but usually not a pleasant place to hang out.  That has changed now!  Well at least for a few airports where American Express has opened the Centurion Clubs.
These clubs make the arrival to the airport a joy.  Amazing food, great beverages and a comfortable place to kick back and enjoy that time before your flight.  Fill up and relax before the crazy boarding process with a smile!  The clubs I visit are in LGA and Vegas.  On the way to and from these places you can partake in the comfort they offer.  For this visit - next stop was PBI for a quick weekend in Delray Beach Florida.  A nice town with a vibrant winter community and hopping downtown scene for snowbirds seeking some warmth.

The morning flight to Florida took us up and to the west over the Hudson and in the distance you can see the George Washington Bridge.  This is a similar route that the folks took in the famous landing on the Hudson years earlier....
Landing in Florida early led to a lunch time walk downtown where the area shows vibrant artful chairs - classic old architecture and plenty of new buildings replacing old.

The beach had some of these interesting yet dangerous jellyfish washed up.  These are Man O'War jellies who are not to be messed with!  A fascinating animal.

And before you know it - back off to the cold at sunset!

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