Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Interesting Feature ?

Many cameras have this feature but I thought I'd highlight it here so more folks can know about it.  The feature is the copy ability from internal memory to the SD card.  Why would I need this is the next question?  Once in a great while I'll run out of the apartment and then realize I forgot my SD card.  Surely most of us have had that happen with our CF or SD cards.  So the other day when I went to grab a shot of friends I popped the camera into jpeg normal and had 7 images I could capture which are better than none.  Then when I got home I just popped in the SD card and hit copy from the playback menu - rather than digging out the usb cable.  Hope it helps you one day if in a jam.

Happy and Healthy Memorial Day.  This image from the Fujifilm blimp many years ago with Provia 100 and tweaked with a NIK filter.

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