Thursday, June 02, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Limited Update June

X100 Cameras and accessories are on the trucks to the dealers now and will arrive this week.  This will include the EF-20 flash and the lens hood with filter adapter.

Remember to use one of the best features of the camera while in manual focus:  Use the rear thumb toggle switch to press in and magnify the scene for critical focus.  But even more important is to then use the AFL/AEL button to snap the scene into focus.  This is a critical function to embrace!

UPDATE: Posted on DPReview and as we have all expected - Fujifilm is going to update the firmware of its X100 large-sensor compact camera to address some of the criticisms raised in our review.  The statement from Fujifilm Japan says: 'Fujifilm is planning to release a new version of firmware in the near future. The new firmware will include and respond to some of functionality posted by dpreview.' We will, of course, revisit our review in the light of these changes, when the update becomes available.

The other night I shot a scene which even at ISO 250, ISO 1000 & ISO 4000 it's hard to say one is unacceptable.  Of course there is a difference - as there should be - but nothing that would make me scared to shoot at ISO 4000 in a pinch.  See what you think.
X100 ISO 250
No post processing in CS5 or sharpening added.  Just cropped to "match" and slightly adjust exposure from raw file export.

X100 ISO 1000

X100 ISO 4000

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