Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Updates and Manual Mode in 1/3's

Many people are upset that the X100 has full stop movements in the shutter and aperture selections.  I usually hear people say it really stinks that I cannot have 1/3 stops and I say - "Well you can! - but you need to shoot in Manual mode". (This functionality will be expanded in the upcoming firmware release this week.)  They look at me puzzled and say - hmm ok - how?
The key is to set the camera to a shutter speed and aperture close to what you'd like to shoot with and then tweak them with the back control wheel and thumb toggle (the thumb toggle is the control at the top right of the images below).  These two controls change the values in 1/3 stops as you can see in the images shown below.  You cannot scroll the whole exposure cycle - You can select +/-2/3 values in 1/3's as you will see.  You cannot be on F/16 on the lens and choose F/2.5 - you will need to be at F/2.8 on the lens. 
I usually pick a speed I need and then tweak the aperture for correct exposure.  Below you can see I am at 1/3 underexposed - and you can see this in the viewfinder as well.

While we are at it - don't forget that you can also change the location and size of the AF point  as you feel it should be set to.  That's the green box and the little marks all over the screen where it can be set to focus at.

Firmware update coming soon.  Should be about 10 days now and we are all excited to see this come down the pipeline.

For the USA some accessories will ship next week.  This should be a significant shipment since we need to catch up on many backorders.  Cameras will be shipping again in July in decent quantity.  I do not expect anymore units to ship in June.  Though surprises have happened before - but I doubt it.

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  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Does this mean there will be NO shipments until July, or no "shipments of a decent quantity" until July?

    I'm going crazy waiting for mine!


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